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Support Boyan Slat’s Ocean Cleanup Project!

At 17 years old, Boyan Slat was not simply sowing his wild oats. On a dive trip to Greece, he became concerned about the pollution problem – he was seeing more plastic bags than fishes! His frustration did not end with a mere rant; no, instead, he decided to tackle the problem himself.

2 years later, he has created a feasible prototype to rid of plastic. Instead of going for the plastic, he lets the plastic go to him! He takes advantage of natural winds and currents, and floating devices to concentrate the plastic debris into one area – making it easy for period collection. These solid floating barriers are better than nets because they only collect plastic – living organisms are not harmed.

The theory boasts of a projected high capture and field efficiency but for a theory to be put into tangible practice, some funds are, of course, needed and that’s where each of us comes in. This is a crowdfunding project and every dollar counts. If you, like Boyan Slat, want to make a difference, consider donating:

They expect a fully operational system in 3 to 5 years, once it is successfully funded.

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The Other Donald R Bernard

Donald Bernard is also a photographer and artist working in LA.  This is a different Donald Bernard from the author of Bullion but nevertheless also in the field of art.  Donald’s art is based on a pastiche of photographs and hand paintings, examples of which can be found below:



Most of Donald Bernard’s work deal with black culture: black women’s spirituality in particular.  A list of his exhibitions can be found here: Some of the more notable exhibits include his first exhibition in 1998 help in Watts Towers in the Greater Los Angeles area.  The latest exhibit on record was also held in LA for African American History Month.