15 Things Every Over-Thinker Has Experienced

This is for all the overthinkers out there. #7 really hit close to home. To add to the list: aspirational thoughts, thoughts and analysis about a particular movie I had just watched (even if it’s just a silly fictitious movie, I’d most likely analyze it down to its core)

Thought Catalog

The Truman Show The Truman Show

1. When you have a big day coming up (e.g. job interview, big test, date, etc.) you play out several worst-case scenarios — some ridiculous, some feasible. You’re not trying to be negative, but your brain is preparing you for the infinite ways things can go awry.

2. That dreaded moment when one of the outlandish, ridiculous worst-case scenarios you were worried about actually happens in real life. Now you’re convinced that your paranoid ways are justified, because if one worry can come true, aren’t all of them valid?

3. Panicking when you’re up next to order in a drive-thru or at a restaurant because you’re losing the battle to a menu. Indecision + being pressed for time = flustered decisions. Sometimes you even order a meal you didn’t particularly want because pressure.

4. When you’ve got things to get done, you prefer to devise a super detailed plan of attack, which…

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