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Delicious Whole Trout Recipe from Jamie Oliver

You’ve caught your trout, so now it’s time to cook it! Here are some recipes that will do justice to your catch, considering all the effort you spent fishing.Some may be squeamish about the idea of cooking a trout whole, but I think it’s the perfect way to showcase it. What can be more natural and rustic after all?

It also beats having to do the hard work of filleting, don’t you think?

This recipe comes from Jamie Oliver, who embodies the kind of cooking I stand for – simplicity and emphasis on fresh, premium ingredients.


The ingredients of this particular recipe include:
Olive Oil
Sea Salt
Freshly ground black pepper
Fresh Flat-leaf parsley
1 lemon, sliced and zested
1 lemon halves

1. Clean and gut your catch
2. Make slashes on both sides
3. Rub with olive oil, salt, and pepper
4. Stuff the cavities of the fish with parsley and lemon slices for a fresh aroma
5. Place on a baking tray
6. Sprinkle with the zest of lemon
7. Place lemon halves beside the fish
8. Top the fish with a pad of butter
9. Grill on both sides
10. Serve with the juice of the roasted lemon halves

I learned this trick of juicing roasted lemons from Jamie Oliver way back and I must say that the flavors you get are much more emphasized because of the roasting. I also do this roasted lemon trick for a lot of other recipes, like aoili.

What’s your favorite whole trout recipe? Share with me below!

Do you like eating fish whole or filleted?

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Fishing in the Age of Fast Food

The art and sport of fishing seems to be so out of place in a generation where we can drive through and get our food in a jiffy or even “cook” food out of a plastic cup in just under 3 minutes. The world and everyone in it moves at breakneck speed to get everything done – news articles are at our fingertips in just a few clicks. Shopping can be done without having to leave our work desk.

So how does a sport that relies on slowness and patience fit in?

It doesn’t and that’s the beauty of it.


Source: Photo by Daniel on Flickr

In the constant restlessness and hustle bustle of our fast-paced day to day lives, there will come a  point when we will seek refuge. A point when we will find ourselves spinning madly out of control. And that’s when we will see the need to get away from the urban jungle and find some zen.

But why wait when we get burned out to do that? Why not make it a habit to celebrate slowness from time to time? Consider a periodic fishing trip and explore what wonders it can do to you:

1. It teaches you to be patient.

Nope, dinner is not a delivery hotline number away tonight. You’ll get dinner if you catch a fish. And then when you catch it, you have to gut it, clean it, and cook it. It’s going to take at least an hour. Maybe more.

Catching the fish itself is not easy. Even if you can already see the fish, you can’t guarantee that the fish will like your bait. You have to experiment. Wait. And keep silent so you don’t scare the fishes (yes, this is not just a myth)

2. It teaches you to cherish accomplishments.

Fishing is hard but ah! Just think about the sheer joy and accomplishment you feel when you do catch one. It is a result of hard work and time. It is not the sort of shallow accomplishment you get when you play a game on iPad and get an instant badge just for signing in

3. It teaches you to cherish the moments.

While you’re outdoors and trying to catch a fish, by all means – relish the sights and sounds around you as well! Can you hear the wind blow? The distant rustle of trees? The lilting sound of seagulls? The subtle splash of the water? When was the last time you just took at a look at the clouds instead of taking a picture of them and uploading on Instagram?

4. It helps you connect with friends and family.

Bring your kid along. Bring a friend along. Minus the distractions of technology, you can have an easy quiet conversation.

5. It reminds you of the value of life.

That hamburger you eat didn’t come from the grocery from some synthetic factory (I sincerely hope it didn’t!) No, it came from a farm… from a living, breathing cow. Make sure you don’t waste his existence!


So who’s up for a fishing trip?


While we’re at it, here’s a great fishing story

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The Best Bait for Trout

Bait selection is a huge debate among fishermen, so I’d like to ask you – what’s your favorite trout bait?

My favorite has always been live red worms. After all, what could be more natural than a wriggling worm underwater? A bait with an attractive, showy tail is also recommended – calf tail or marabou tail is good.

It’s best to bring several bait options with you to your fishing trip so that you can switch from one bait to another.

Share your thoughts below!

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Sight Fishing 101

Both seasoned fishermen and those new to the sport of fishing should try sight fishing at one point or another. Simply put, in sight fishing, fishermen actually see the fish they wish to catch! That makes it a lot less frustrating than just waiting for a theoretical fish to get the bait, especially for those who wish to just get their feet wet in the sport (pun intended).

But like all other types of fishing, there are tips you need to consider for a very fulfilling day:

1. Keep your distance and be very, very quiet

Fishes get scared easily so make sure you maintain a safe distance from them and stay still

2. Invest in a good pair of polarized sunglasses

This gives you a competitive advantage of your targets because it not only helps ward off the glaring rays of the sun, but it also helps you see clearer details, allowing you to differentiate between the color of the water and the subtle shapes of the fish underneath

3. Be Patient!

Patience is an important virtue in fishing, even when you can already see the fish within your reach! Many get the urge to just put the bait down, wait mere seconds, then pull it back out. This may cause some fish to lose interest, so keep your bait in the water for longer periods of time and relish not only the idea of catching a fish, but also the anticipation of doing so! And if it doesn’t work the first time, try changing your bait, moving to a different location, etc.


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The Jurassic Lake in all its Glory

Sight fishing at “El Puesto” in Jurassic Lake. Cool breeze. Nature’s quietude. The perfect formula!

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Donald R. Bernard: Estancia Laguna Verde

As Vice President of Estancia Laguna Verde at Lake Strobel in Patagonia, Argentina, Donald Ray Bernard provides visitors the opportunity to catch large rainbow trout averaging four to eight pounds, although fish twice that size are not unusual. Due to the size of the fish it contains, the lake is known worldwide as Jurassic Lake. The 65-square-kilometer lake has ideal biological conditions to produce these gigantic rainbow trout. Far from populated areas,  the lake’s habitat remains pristine.

The Estancia Laguna Verde lodge sits on the south shore of Lake Strobel, providing comfortable lodging and delicious cuisine. Along with fishing in Lake Strobel and nearby rivers, guests can go bird watching, participate in trekking tours, and embark upon four-wheel-drive adventures. Warm weather at the lodge begins in December and extends through March. Fishing season lasts from November through mid-April.

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