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What is an Estancia?

If you ever find yourself in a beautiful place in Argentina, Brazil, or in places that were under the influence of Spain at one point or another (like the Philippines), you will often hear the word “Estancia”. What is it?

It’s basically an equivalent to our ranch. It’s a very vast piece of land that was primarily for raising livestock back in the old days. The estancia was usually owned by very wealthy, prominent people.

Now, some have been converted to agricultural lands, while some have transformed into vacation spots and guest ranches where people can enjoy nature and undertake several outdoor activities like fishing. This is the case with the Laguna Verde.

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The Beauty of Patagonia, Argentina

I can tell you through flowery words and poetic verses how beautiful Patagonia, Argentina is, but I’d much rather show you through photos. If you find yourself restlessly wading through all the errands and work that routine has to offer, consider taking a break and visiting a new world that can give you a fresh perspective on life.


The photo above is from Erik Argotti and is featured on the official website of Estancia Laguna Verde (Donald Ray Bernard is the vice president of this piece of paradise)


This is a photo of Mt. Fitzroy taken by Chris Ford and posted on his Flickr account. If you are the adventurous sort, consider hiking up this mountain for a truly remarkable view. A warning though: it is considered one of the most technically challenging mountains on Earth for mountaineers

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The Jurassic Lake in all its Glory

Sight fishing at “El Puesto” in Jurassic Lake. Cool breeze. Nature’s quietude. The perfect formula!

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Donald R. Bernard: Estancia Laguna Verde

As Vice President of Estancia Laguna Verde at Lake Strobel in Patagonia, Argentina, Donald Ray Bernard provides visitors the opportunity to catch large rainbow trout averaging four to eight pounds, although fish twice that size are not unusual. Due to the size of the fish it contains, the lake is known worldwide as Jurassic Lake. The 65-square-kilometer lake has ideal biological conditions to produce these gigantic rainbow trout. Far from populated areas,  the lake’s habitat remains pristine.

The Estancia Laguna Verde lodge sits on the south shore of Lake Strobel, providing comfortable lodging and delicious cuisine. Along with fishing in Lake Strobel and nearby rivers, guests can go bird watching, participate in trekking tours, and embark upon four-wheel-drive adventures. Warm weather at the lodge begins in December and extends through March. Fishing season lasts from November through mid-April.

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